SAINI Herbal
SAINI Herbal SAINI Herbal SAINI Herbal SAINI Herbal SAINI Herbal SAINI Herbal
SAINI Herbal SAINI Herbal SAINI Herbal
SAINI Herbal
SAINI Herbal
SAINI Herbal

SAINI Herbal

SAINI Herbal

SAINI Herbal

SAINI Herbal

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SAINI Herbal

IndiaMART TrustSeal The brand SAINI HERBAL has been one of the most trusted brands for 3 decades (since 1987). It is not only the older generation which grew up with SAINI, it is a first preference, even for the young, when it comes to Hair Care.

It has been out in the market for some time and we have taken over it, now would be coming to you from Amazing Health Inventions.

The brand has faced bursts of competition from time to time and has fought back effectively to regain market share. Youth-centric approach gave good reason for SAINI to launch its water based Hair Serum which is non-sticky & most convenient to use. Also Shampoo has been launched in conjunction with Oil & Serum.

The Company’s prime aim is to provide the people of the world with quality health and hair care remedies for different problems. We have proven ability & infrastructure for both-domestic & international markets as a dependable out-sourcing partner.

Headquartered at New Delhi company plans to tie up with 2000 distributors in India and abroad to support its marketing and distribution network.

Modern day medicine has for long sought inspiration from the ayurvedas. Saini has tried to be successful in tapping the potential of the ayurvedas in an innovative manner. The innovation was in the form of Saini Herbal Products. These are the result of extensive R & D done to develop a truly effective ayurvedic formulations which are based on ancient knowledge of herbs, described in classical text books of Ayurveda –The traditional system of medicine in India. Thus today Saini Herbals has become a household name all over India and various countries where it sold.

What sets us apart from other companies?

At AMAZING HEALTH INVENTIONS, we are very passionate about hair, skin & health. In fact, our founder firmly believes that only way out to save skin, hair & health issue is “going back to roots”. He started the company after analysing various traditional medicinal systems of world. With this extensive knowledge, he truly understands how Ayurveda herbs works for the body. This makes us stick out among other natural products companies on the market.

At AMAZING, we consider ourselves extreme “health enthusiasts” who treat health with burning passion and excitement. We believe this is very hard to find in other companies on the market. It is important for us to practice what we preach so that we believe in the products we offer to customers.

Our products are chosen using these three: 5000 year old Science, Logic, and Experience. We know there are hundreds of herbs combinations available out there for hair ailments, skin problems, but we actively choose to focus on the best ones for our valuable customers.

Our Vision

The vision at SAINI Herbal is says... “Your Health 'Our Vision' : A healthy and happy planet.”

SAINI Herbal envisions a healthy & happy planet, with focus on providing 100% ayurvedic remedies based on knowledge and years of targeted research. Healthier Solutions are formed to make a difference in people’s lives, so that a world of healthy, happy and vital people flourishes, and works for everyone.

Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy quotes that, “We promise only that we can really do and sincerely do what we promise”. As a customer-focused organization, we are responsive to change and our philosophy is balanced by a clear understanding that value and quality, which we deliver guides our decision-making and commitments. When needed we challenge our priorities, policies, procedures and performance to ensure that we offer efficient and effective products and services to our customers. We understand that recognizing and accepting change never ceases and this makes us responsive to customer needs.

Our Mission

The SAINI Herbal team is growing with the mission To provide the Indian Ayurvedic legacy with highest quality standards, which meets the consumer demands in the field of hair care, health care and skin care products.


Along with expertise in formulation and manufacturing of Ayurvedic products SAINI Herbal is well known for its client oriented services. It offers Private-branding programs & bulk supplies to commercial buyers and supports its retail clients with Ayurvedic Consultation.

Private-branding programs & bulk supplies : The company caters to retailers who are anxious to join the natural & organic bandwagon to satisfy the demand of ethical & safe cosmetics by consumers. Several well known international companies are offering natural cosmetics, which are availed from Indian markets and SAINI Herbal is one such competent company that has been catering to several international buyers with private branding services and bulk supplies.

Ayurvedic Consultation : SAINI Herbal has expert Ayurvedic Consultants at the clinic in New Delhi, to address your concerns and offer treatments. With the aim to popularize the amazing healing power of Ayurveda, the company has been practicing Ayurveda as one of the most effective & 100% natural alternative therapy.


A modern manufacturing facility at Mussourie supports the manufacturing activities of SAINI Herbal. The plant has modern processing machines that are maintained to ascertain highest standard of hygiene & cleanliness. Located at Masoori Gulawati Road, Indstl Area, Ghaziabad (U.P), the plant follows 'go-green' practices, wherein proper waste disposal, non-polluting processes, energy efficiency etc., are paid attention.

The facility is backed by Dr. Raksha Rani Saini (India’s renowned Ayurvedic expert) and her team of qualified Pharmacists, Senior Researchers and Clinical Specialists. Every member of our team is dedicated to provide relief from aliments through development of effective ayurvedic medicines.

Why SAINI Herbal

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